Unilateral prostate enlargement, Hipopresszív gyakorlatok hatása nem specifikus derékfájás esetén

Furthermore, although brown urine was detected in all treated groups, no abnormalities were detected in body weight and organ weights. Females in the recovery group were observed twice a day until the end of the treatment, and clinical signs including in delivery and lactation status in females in the main group were observed twice a day between the start of doing and day 4 post-partum and once a day on day 5 post-partum necropsy.

Males and females were observed once a day until the day before necropsy during the recovery period. For blind observation, all animals were re-sorted by random number, and then a label for examination in order to unknown their groups were given.

Although females were examine on day 4 post-partum, no blind examination was performed if only one female was examined. For the reactions of removing from cage, easy removing from cage and vocalization were observed when animals were given external stimulation such as holding or approached a hand to hold animals. Detailed clinical observations during handling were checked muscle tone, hypothermia with or unilateral prostate enlargement piloerection, condition of fur soiled, coarsecolor of skin and mucosa pale, Reddening, cyanosis.

Observations of behavior in unilateral prostate enlargement were unilateral prostate enlargement position, activity, respiration, closed eyelid, abnormal gait, tremor, twitch, convulsion, stereotyped behavior and abnormal behavior when animals were stayed in arena for 1 minute.

The number of excretion the number of feces and the number of urination the number of urine pools were recorded for 1 minute.

University of Valencia Rövid összefoglaló Bevezetés A nem specifikus derékfájás nagyon elterjedt társadalmunkban. Különböző hatékony fizioterápiás kezeléseket végeztek a fájdalom csökkentésében és a életminőség, azonban ezek hatékonyságáról kevés tanulmány létezik kezelések protokoll formátumban, kézi terápia alapján.

BODY WEIGHT: Yes Body weight of males were weighted on 1, 3, 7, 14, 21, 28, 35, 42 and 43 days fasted, at removal post dosing, and females were weighed on 1, 3, 7 and 14 days post dosing, 0, 7, 14, 17 and 20 days post pregnant, and 0 the day of delivery4 and 5 days fasted, at removal post-partum.

Females in the satellite groups were measured at the same days with males. Body weight of males and females during the recovery period were measured on 1, 3, 7, 14 and 15 fasted, at removal days post recovery. Food consumption of males and females during the recovery period were measured on 1, 3, 7 and 14 days post recovery.

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Mean daily food consumption was calculated using amount of food consumption until next measurement period. Blood were drawn from abdominal aorta under Ether anesthesia. Males used 5 animals of the smallest animal number among surviving animals of each dose, and females used 5 animals near each delivery for each dose, and all males and females in the recovery groups were selected for hematology. Plasma was separated from blood samples withdrawn into 3.

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Animals were housed into a metabolic cage individually in the afternoon of the last day of the treatment or recovery period. During urine collection, animals were fasted but drinking water accessed ad libitum.

Urine volume, color and clearly were checked using the collected urine, osmolarity were measured using automatic osmometer OM, Arkrey Inc. Urine residue was also measured. Regarding to urine residue, since no treatment-related changes were detected in males and females in the high dose group when it was measured in the control and high dose groups, urinalysis of middle and low dose groups and recovery group were not determined.

Treatments for Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH)

Five delivery females with close delivery day at each dose were examined before fasting on day 4 post-partum. Animals assigned to in the recovery group were examined after dosing during the last week of the treatment period.

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Since no abnormalities which seemed to be treatment-related were observed during the treatment period, the examination during the recovery period was not performed. For examination of reaction, the reactions when suitable external stimulation gave to the target sensory organ were checked and scored. This examination was conducted by blind continued the detailed clinical observation.

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For vision approach, sense of touchthe response when the sheath of ballpoint pen were held keeping for 3 cm distance from the face, and holding it for 4 seconds was recorded. For auditory sense, the reaction when fingers were rang on overhead were recorded.

Pain reaction was recorded when sandwiching the one third ridge portion of the tail with scissors. Pupillary reflex recorded the reaction of the pupil when light was irradiated after blocking the light.

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Righting reflex in air was recorded as the reaction when dropping from the height of about 30 cm with the abdomen of the animal facing upward. Grip strength were measured by blind using a grip strength meter FGC-2, Metis. The measurement was performed each twice for forelimb and hindlimb, and mean values were calculated as the grip strength values of forelimb and hindlimb to individual animal.

The number of times across the infrared beam was counted as the measured value, and it was measured for 1 hour 6 times at 10 minute intervals.

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Mean days of estrous cycles were calculated based on the days between the first estrus to use the first day of estrus if it was continued longer and next estrus examined for 15 days. Incidence of animals who had abnormal cycles did not have regular cycles was calculated.

Body weights of male or females per litter were measured at birth and on day 4 post-partum.

Hipopresszív gyakorlatok hatása nem specifikus derékfájás esetén

Postmortem examinations parental animals : GROSS NECROPSY - All animals were examined macroscopically for body surface, opening, subcutaneous, cranial milyen ételek nem lehetséges ízületi gyulladásokkal, thoracic cavity, abdominal cavity, pelvic cavity and contents on the day after the end of the treatment and recovery period.

The number of pregnant corpus luteum in ovaries and the number of implantation sites in uterus unilateral prostate enlargement incision were recorded. Organ weights of liver, heart, kidney, testes, epididymis, brain, spleen, thymus and adrenal gland were measured, and relative organ weight per final body weight were calculated.

Histopathological slides which were prepared HE stain to paraffin embedded thin section were examined under light microscope.

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The organs or tissues from the other groups and recovery groups were examined if treatment-related changes unilateral prostate enlargement detected in the high dose group. In addition, all gross abnormal changes were examined. Ovary, uterus and vagina from infertility females were examined, and teste from paired two males were also examined.

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Statistics: Standard statistical methods have been applied for data processing. Furthermore, one male at the same group showed staining of abdominal until the end of the recovery period.

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Mortality: Body weight and weight changes: effects observed, treatment-related Description incidence and severity : In males during the treatment period, final body weight day 42 after treatment decreased to Body weight in females was not significant in the treatment groups.

There were no statistically significant differences in males and female in the treatment groups during the recovery period.

Food efficiency: Water consumption and compound intake if drinking water study : not examined.